Siberian Swan Pavlova  Karsavina

Siberian Swan Pavlova & Karsavina   $88.00  (retail value $110.00 — save 20%)


Ribbons & Elastic  $3.99


Toe pads
Gel toe pad designed with odorless polymer gel. Soft toe pad helps to distribute toe force pressure evenly and has great shock absorption.
Provides comfort and protection. Can be refreshed with talcum powder.$5.99  $6.99


Check with your local dance store, or purchase online by requests via email
Please, include the measurements of your feet, we will help you to select your model, and size.
Payment options:
1. PayPal
We send you invoice through the Paypal where you can pay via Credit Card, or your PayPal account.
2. Check

You can also make requests through the contact form 


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