Active Arch Support

Siberian Swan is proud to announce its new line of Point Shoes with an Active Arch Support™.   Our new line of Point Shoes was created with today’s dancers in mind.  Using state of the art computer aided design, we focused our efforts on the stringent requirements: ballet schools, professional and semi-professional companies and even recreational dancers.

Siberian Swan Point Shoes with an Active Arch Support™ is a revolutionary technological achievement that embodies long-lasting durability, lightness, and comfort while maintaining stability, even if used every day.  Another key feature is the SHOE’s ability to retain its shape and condition even when not in use for a period of time.

The Active Arch Support™ protects dancer(s) feet from undue deformity, reduces stress on the joints and spine, and instills greater confidence.

Our patented technology regulates and controls the degree of flexibility of the inner-sole at the heel, as well as the demi-pointe area.  Another important feature of our Siberian Swan Point Shoes is the enhanced ability rolling through the foot.

All of these innovations were created to enable better mobility and stability of the ankle joint, leading to correct muscles development.

Today’s point shoes require a tremendous effort and time of “breaking-in” a new pair of point shoes.  But, that process is inexact and exerts a tremendous amount of stress of fabric fatigue and if done incorrectly or with an application of excessive force may render a new pointe shoe to become LESS durable.

At Siberian Swan Point Shoes with an Active Arch Support™ we addressed this and many other important issues associated with today Ballet world’s requirements.

Please write us an email and set up a presentation of our latest product.

Siberian Swan Point Shoes with an Active Arch Support™




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