Siberian Swan Pointe Shoes

Siberian Swan comes in 2 models
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Siberian Swan Models

Our models come in standard (Pavlova) and wider (Karsavina) platforms
Wider platform is not necessarily for wider foot, the platform’s width variations may better accommodate individual needs for different foot types (Greek, Egyptian, and Square)Slightly different look, different foot work, that could be caused by different sense of stability, and balance while on pointe, slightly different distribution of weight over your toes. After all, It is not either or, different platforms could be better suited for different type of your practices, and performances.

Enhance your comfort, and confidence level with Siberian Swan:

Siberian Swan offers custom orders at no additional  cost.
Customize the height of your vamp, profile, hill according to your needs.  You may need a different firmness of the inner soles for performances and practices.
Our technology allows us to accommodate all of your needs


Makes the shoes far more durable, and longer lasting. The weight of the shoe is lighter.
No need to break in the shoes, they are flexible out of box.
Additional flexibility is added for the rolling through the demi-pointe.  If you simply walk in the shoes a little before practicing, your body temperature will make the shank more flexible for the duration of your practice.

The slightly curved shanks add a beautiful aesthetic look as the shoes instantly
mold to your foot. It also provides support in conjunction with Active Arch Support

 SOFT FABRIC  covers the inner-sole as a layer of padding.

Our patented Active Arch Support is located in the middle of the shank underneath the heel where it provides additional support while on pointe.  It reduces the pressure on the toes and adds stability.


BOX:    Tapered box for additional support, and elegance, made off standard (non-plastic) materials. Malleable yet firm.
Enforced with additional epoxy at the platform area for long lasting. Padding on the platform to reduce noise.
INNER-SOLE:    Layer of padding is added for additional comfort
V Shape & Drawstrings on the side:  Combination of V shape & drawstrings is a unique feature
FABRICS:      Multiple layers of fabric to provide stronger support

Siberian Swan comes in standard and elastic heel. “Standard” heel is the standard non-stretch fabric.
“Elastic heel” is the unidirectional stretched fabric that goes from the middle of the foot to the heel.
At this time the fabrics for elastic heel under development.


Siberian Swan standard color is pink-beige with a little shine in it. Color-matched with the drawstrings on the
sides, ribbons, and tights. Various colors are available for special bulk orders.


Siberian Swan comes in standard (Pavlova), and slightly wider (Karsavina) platforms.
A layer of foam inside the platform makes the shoes quieter.
A handmade platform cover that provides protection to the platform and increases its longevity is optional.

Siberian Sedar Extract:

Cedar oil contains proteins, fats, healthy acids, and vitamins. Healing power for your feet.



Siberian Swan pointe shoes comes with color matched ribbons.


Siberian Swan in action.  Pointe Work, Don Quixote, Gala Concert rehearsal
Elena Svinko, Third Prize Bronze Medal Laureate of  27th Varna International Ballet Competition 2016, demonstrates Siberian Swan

Siberian Swan in Action. Don Quixote, Gala Concert in Varna, Bulgaria YouTube play


Pointe shoes size chart and fitting

Siberian Swan Models

Pointe shoes size chart and fitting

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